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Prize Royal failed to grab

Woke up early at 4 AM here to watch what I thought would be a regular prize to grab, but end of the day proved otherwise. Evergreen Pathana boys once again  proved that they are not going to go down with out a fight. In-fact they won the war.

Last week I commented on Royal rugby page saying that if we ( Royal) play basic rugby that we know, we should win the game. But day ended in disappointing manner leaving me wondering what Royal were trying to do.

There were two tries scored of ill passes , most noticeably the last try scored by Sumudu Rankothge which sealed the deal for Pathana. I am sure Sumudu scored much hard working tries to win games , but would take this piece of cake with out thinking twice on any given day.

If you watched those two tries scored by Pathana, they were result of Royal trying to spread the ball wide in side  their own 22 leading to fatal mistakes. Royal from the beginning looked to me like did not understood the equation properly. Only small passage in latte…
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Were we not good enough? Afghan game review

Finally we won a game. As I saw on social media and on many one to one chats , many were not that much pleased. There were talk about three missed boundaries given away by Afghans and etc..  But I would say we need to appreciate the victory and look forward.

By all means it is a very good victory. Afghans are by no means are minnows now specially when it comes to T20 cricket. The gap can be minimum between full member side and minnow side in T20 simply because minnows has to concentrate only for 40 overs rather that 100 overs or longer version of the game. Even in life you can't judge a person by short period of time right? So guys we need to cut some slack for our boys.

The victory is a very good one. Why I say that is we didn't look rattled like in UAE game in asia cup. We played the cricket the way we used to play except for Malinga yokers. Batting after some time looked pretty good , Angelo finally looked like hitting his form even with the late end cameo which is good.


Should Thisara play at all?

it's not the best time to be Sri Lankan fan but then again it's the time you have to face reality. We are not doing good , honestly worse. So will write up my share just to let the frustration out.

We are used to be a side who always flying under the radar and punch above their weight. Seems like its not going to happen any more. Today is the our first game against Afghans which by any means not going to be easy. They are a confident unit and smell the blood of wounded loin. So why not finish it off.

More interestingly the match is between #8 and #9 ranked sides and if we can win this it should be enough for me. I expect nothing more at this stage. We  have been bashing, cursing and bringing up various opinions on social media. At least that is all we have lefts to do.

There are many reasons for our failing as they say and you can find even more. There are few things that comes to my mind.

We do not respect basic rules of the game 

Cricket or any other sport today has grown g…

Whats the wrong with Kandy?????

If you are a Kandy fan, it is not the best times of the year. Kandy going down once again for the second successive year. Losing battles upfront and most worryingly at their fortress. Many things looks like happening around Kandy rugby these days. They sacked their coach. Rumors say that players were not happy with the coach etc. so are the days over for Kandy dominance?
I think Kandy going through a rough patch. Other teams have caught up with them or some can say their level of playing has deteriorated over time. Why everybody talk about Kandy this much? Trust me, its not only Kandy fans. Other rugby followers are talking about Kandy's dip in form as well. Simple reason for it would be the fact that Kandy was the team kept local club rugby kept going. It was a one horse race for sure, but still they were the only team to watch, if you wanted some quality rugby in display. That may come too harsh for other teams (I am a CR fan). At times truth is bitter :) .
The main rea…

Kandy vs Havelocks : Post-mortem

Even though the Kandy – Havelocks game is done and dusted I thought about writing my bit.
If a Kandy fan in mid 2000's went to some magic hibernate sleep and woke up in time for witness last weeks game, I am sure he would go nuts or kill him self. He would rather think that teams have changed their jersey colors or some thing has terribly gone wrong. In fact Kandy rugby has some loop holes now which are penetrated so badly by other teams. By taking nothing away from Havies superb effort, its still below par performance from a team which used to local rugby well over a decade or so. Any way lets focus on teams separately now.
Compared to last week Havies put up a great show. They were brilliant in all the aspects in the game , except for place kicking. Havies were quick to identify their weakness from last week. Which was obviously the 9/10 combination. They brought Mithun Hapugoda to starting line up as scrum half and he delivered what team needed. I think that move sat…

Can Havies live up to the expectation?

Next week or rather this weekend's game will be the most anticipated one for the rugby league. Defending champions vs wounded lions I would say. So just thought of writing down my views on it.
This game should be a thriller. I think there is no doubt about it. But I suspect will this game live up to the expectation we have. Simply because of the fact that Havies doesn't seem to be the same unit which we saw last year, at least for me.
Changes for Havelocks
As I said in my last post it is evident for me , with the 9/10 combination it's going to be tough for Havies. I respect and understand the fact that you cant match the level of country's best halves combination (Roshan Weeraratne and Fazil Marija). But there is a BIG “if” for that. If other teams can carefully select their combination, they can make it work. Navy showed exactly that during league. Their halves combination of Suranga Pushpakumara and Chanaka Chandimal are hitting it smoothly. Pushpe is quick, cunn…

Why Havelockes lost the game

Watched the last week big game, Navy vs Havies. I am not going to talk about refereeing or atmosphere at Welisara which are irrelevant factors for Havies loss. I saw various reasons on social media by fans , but if you read them most were BS. Simply most of them haven't watched the game and just pointing at many things.
First Navy try was a example of sheer foreign power. I was at the perfect angle to view it. Navy outside center just brutally brushed away Havies defenders who were shy to engage with him. Then only they decided to confront him up and close and throughout the game they handled Navy foreigners much better.
I you wonder why Navy won against both Kandy and Havies , answer is plain simple. They were the more hungrier team which has perfect appetite for win. They were well prepared and planned well , which other teams didn't.
What Havies did well?
Forwards. Led by Muthuthantri, Havies looked really dangerous forward pack to me. Specially with the return of Shenal Di…